Trailer for Bedside Manners

Doctor and Nurse On Phone

Triple A Patient

Administering Pain Medication

To Explain or Not to Explain?

An Interview with the Authors

Learn how easy it is to present Bedside Manners for your healthcare group

Bedside Manners, The Play
  • Only 3 - 4 actors or volunteer actors required
  • No memorization—read directly from the script
  • All scenes are based on actual events
  • 21 brief vignettes cover a full range of inter–
    professional topics
  • The play runs less than one hour in length
  • Audience engagement is guaranteed

In an era when teamwork is the mantra of patient safety, the play Bedside Manners can help jump-start a long needed conversation about how doctors and nurses can collaborate rather than compete at the patient's bedside.

–Kate McPhaul, PhD, MPH, RN, Assistant Professor,
Work and Health Research Center,
University of Maryland School of Nursing