What is Bedside Manners?

Bedside Manners is a remarkable teaching tool. It's a play that helps staff reenact healthcare scenarios. In the process, everyone gains insight into the dynamics of their team communication. Why do individuals behave as they do? How can individual healthcare members learn to constructively collaborate?

Who is it for?

Bedside Manners is ideal for any healthcare team that is working to create a respectful, collaborative patient care environment. Past participants have reported that the insights gained using Bedside Manners have contributed to increased job satisfaction, team communication and better patient care.

Why Should We Use It?

Bedside Manners creates a safe environment to address the tensions that can arise in patient care. Participants who dread another lecture on teamwork report the play engages them in ways other material has not. The insights team members gain can significantly improve job satisfaction and performance.

Bedside Manners, The Play by Suzanne Gordon

A gripping teaching opportunity focusing on interprofessional education for healthcare teams, and the causes and consequences of ineffective communication and unprofessional behaviors between nurses and physicians. The play is a superb trigger for thought, discussion, and collaborative problem solving.